Aylin Olsun
Co-President, PWN Istanbul

Aylin Olsun is a senior executive with extensive experience in general management and human resources and over 20 years of experience in energy, automotive, electricity, metal mining sectors as CHRO and HRVP.

Aylin holds a First Degree in International Relations and Politics from Marmara University and a Masters Degree in Economics from Istanbul University in Turkey.  She is also a professional coach by CTI.

Aylin is a founding member of PWN Istanbul and has held many positions within the Board since the association was formed. 

Aylin is married and has a son of 14 years old. She is also the member of Propeller Club, ICF, PERYON. She writes a regular blog on her web site www.aylinsatunolsun.com and contributes to Turkish newspapers and magazines on diversity and inclusion.