Assoc. prof. Eva Turk, PhD, MBA
President, PWN Norway

Eva has 15 years experience in health systems research, currently associated professor working on digital health and health innovation at the University of South- East Norway. Her research has been focused on person centred care, digital health, patient safety, health technology assessment and quality of life. She teaches Public Health at the Medical Faculty, University in Maribor and is Public Health delegate - Emergency Response Unit with the Norwegian Red Cross.

In addition to PWN Norway, Eva serves as a Board member at the European Health Management Association and Polytekniske Forening and is a member of the Expert Council at the Slovenian Digital Health Innovation Lab. 

She holds an MBA in Healthcare Management and a PhD in Health Sciences. Originally from Slovenia, she has studied, lived and worked in Austria, Croatia, Finland, Spain, Argentina, Syria and Norway. 

She believes that knowledge transfer, capacity building, motivation and empowerment through education represent a cornerstone for improving the society, therefore, she is a mentor for Oslo Business Region and founded her SanAstra Foundation, dedicated to improve digital health literacy.