PWN Lyon is a branch of PWN Global. We are dedicated to encourage gender balance in firms and organisations, promoting the professional progress of women and give them the tools, networks and skills they need to advance in leadership roles.

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  • 20 May, 6:30 PM On Line: La création comme processus de gestion de projet
  • 27 May, 6:30 PM On Line: Spécial Formation en partenariat avec emlyon business school : "Tout ce qu'il faut connaître pour choisir et financer une formation"
  • 3 June, 6:30 PM On Line: Atelier Connaissance de soi en partenariat avec l'Ecole de Centrale de Lyon -RESERVE AUX MEMBRES - Places limitées
  • 15 June: Soirée insolite en partenariat avec le théâtre du Point du Jour
  • 17 June: Soirée afterwork réservée à la promotion Mentoring PWN LYON
  • 1 July: Atelier Tandemw PWN Lyon
  • 30 September: Réinventer la mixité homme/femme pour un leadership responsable et performant
  • 21 October: Oser la répartie
  • 25 November (ON SITE): Conférence spéciale « Gouvernance et mixité : obligations et avantages » ouvertes à tous (0€ member and 25€ non member) .
  • 25 November (ON LINE):  Conférence spéciale « Gouvernance et mixité : obligations et avantages » ouvertes à tous (0€ member and non-member).
  • 15 December: Festive event
  • 20 january : Assemblée générale & Galette mixte


Nous vous invitons aussi à profiter de toutes les ressources documentaires, les évènements on-line, et les webinars de PWN Global.


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  • More information on our PWN Lyon Mentoring Program: click here
  • Ressources from our past events (members only) are posted here

Our cross-sectoring networking brings together, for over 14 years, business women. We are more than one hundred members today, and the networking is open to men. Join us to meet up with like-minded professional women and engaged men.  Connect, share, learn, advance – yourself and the world!

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Une approche mixte, itérative et participative pour faire progresser la mixité du leadership.





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What's Hot #01

Survey reveals progress towards gender equality

Women have more independence, and a greater portion of men are involved in the housework in 2019 than in 2015, according to a recently revealed survey conducted by USAID’s Nobo Jatra project and led by World Vision Bangladesh. 


What's Hot #02

What Is the ‘Broken Rung,’ and How Can Companies Fix It?

It’s just one promotion. What’s the big deal? Historically, women getting passed over for promotions early in their careers can translate into a very big deal. When fewer women get promoted to management positions earlier in their careers, it follows that there are fewer women to promote to...


What we offer

  • Balanced Leadership
    Balanced Leadership

    Sign The Manifesto If you want to demonstrate your commitment to really advancing gender ...

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  • Mentoring

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    Dynamic content on the latest and greatest insights to help you advance your entrepre...

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    Networking / Events

    Networking is one of the single most powerful ways to boost your career and contributes to...

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  • Knowledge

    Too much information, not enough time? Let us help you cut though the noise!! We present y...

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PWN Global Newsletter - Q4 2021

The world has changed dramatically over the last two years. For PWN Global to remain relevant and continue to advance gender balanced leadership in the new working paradigm, we've been doing some deep strategy work. Check out the goals, and the support we are seeking to help achieve them. Read the full newsletter here

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